This Biggie + Jordan tee shirt is the definition of Greatness

Michael Jordan is without a question the greatest basketball player in history , but the question about the greatest rapper always comes down to between 2-4 people.  Most Hip Hop lists now seem to consist of the Following,  





Andre 3000

and Eminem with the Honorable mention. 

Most fans would narrow it down to Biggie and Tupac.  The one thing that there is no question of is that The Notorious B.I.G. was at the top of his game while when he released Ready to Die and even moreso of a G.O.A.T. album was Life After Death. 


Michael Jordan is another argument entirely.  He is almost unanimously considered the best to ever play the game of Basketball , but his brand has always represented his greatness.  The image of Michael Jordan jumping through the air with his legs spread has become a 1 billion dollar representation of how great MJ was and how unquestionable his legacy is. 


This tee combines Biggie in the prime of his Greatness with the Iconic Jordan brand.  Biggie is rocking the Brooklyn Nets tee with a crown on his head symbolizing one of his most iconic memories. 


Grab the shirt below.  



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