ABC Asks Margot Robbie To Sing The Song In Her Head. She Surprises Everyone And Spits These Biggie Lyrics.

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Margot Robbie, born in Australia, is one of the biggest and highest paid actresses in this day and age.  She's 28-years-old, meaning she was only seven when Biggie died in 1997.  To assume she was fan would be far-fetched, at least that was the assumption until this interview aired.

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In promotion for her new film, at the time, Focus, where she starred next to Will Smith, in 2015, Robbie sat down with ABC's Peter Travers.  During the interview they discussed her role in the film.  At one point, at the end, Travers asks Robbie if she has a song in her head.  Every show ending always ends "in a little bit of song." She giggles and says she doesn't have one in mind, but as he presses, he says sing anything that's in your mind. 

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Little did he, or the audience watching, know that the song she'd sing would not be a song at all, at least not in the way they were thinking.  The song in her mind was an ill track, one of Biggie's, and it would require her to spit lyrics, not sing. 

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Curious to see how it turned out?  Check it out in the video, below. 


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