10 Biggie Tees EVERY Fan Should Own

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One of the best feelings is having fresh gear.  There's something about stepping out "[dressed] to impress."  To commemorate The Notorious B.I.G., here are 10 dope tees that will help you honor his memory.    

1.  The GOAT Gray Tee (available in other colors)


2.  The BIG NYC Tee


3.  Biggie Scribble Tee (available in other colors)


4.  Notorious Red Block Forest Green Tee (available in other colors)


5.  BIG Overlay Graphic Light Blue Tee (available in other colors)


6.  Ready To Die Tee


7.  Biggie White On Black Tee


8.  Biggie Smalls Born Again Tee


9.  Notorious Red Block Tee


10.  King Of Rap Tee


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#RIP Notorious B.I.G., you will never be forgotten.



















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