This Lyric Is Hands Down One Of The Best Of All Time, And Now, It's On A T-Shirt

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Rollingstone and The Source call "Juicy" one of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time.  And even now, over 20 years after his death, it still reigns supreme.  There's something about the way the song flows -- the way it captures the essence of the era that makes it timeless. 



If you stop anyone on the street and ask them about Biggie lyrics, you can almost guarantee everyone knows at least the first line to the first verse of the song, "Juicy."  It all started with a few words, and from there The Notorious B.I.G. took us to a place we had no idea we were going, nor did we know that being there would feel so good

The song takes you on a journey through his childhood, through his struggle, through his grind, through his triumph to get to where he was in that moment of his career.  To commemorate that feeling, the Biggie Store released a tee that would help capture that moment, that feeling; nothing extra, no images, no graphics, just words.

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It Was All A Dream T-Shirt (In White)

It Was All A Dream T-Shirt (In Camo) 

It Was All A Dream T-Shirt (In Black/NC Blue)

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