This Baby Knows Good Music, When She Hears It!

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The Notorious B.I.G.'s talent is unparalleled.  His lyrical genius is unrivaled.  His mastery is unmatched.  He is "Brooklyn's Finest" -- the "king of rap," the "illest," the "greatest rapper of all time," and his reach is unsurpassed.  


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With a bio that lives on even now, over 20 years after his death, there is no question why people flock to his lyrical flow.  His delivery is so smooth, his words are like a hot knife cutting through butter.  No one will ever compare.  His reach as an artist continues to create new fans of each current generation.  All who hear his music submit him to the throne, allowing him to live on, again and again.   


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Even fans who cannot yet speak rock with his lyrical flow, recognizing his tangible and intangible greatness, which is exactly how one dad sees it.  Every time he can't get his baby daughter to stop crying, he plays one of Biggie's classics, and somehow, just like magic, she stops.  I guess even then, at that tender age, she recognizes game.



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Watch below to see which epic Notorious B.I.G. track Dad chooses.  But what's even more legit is how long it takes her to calm down.  Watch it and you'll see exactly why this video has over 5.8 million views, and counting.  Biggie lives on in every generation, each one, and then the next.


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